Friday, 21 October 2011

I'm sorry that I never tried very hard

I moved into a new apartment a few weeks ago and the new space and scenery has me feeling pretty inspired. I'm surrounded by parks and trees and gardens and little shops and the whole area has me feeling sweet and wonderful. 

I got the urge to cut my bangs and I'm very glad I did. I don't know that they're all that flattering on my face, but honestly, I don't mind. I cut my bangs in the bathroom and tried to do pincurls for the first time since I cut my hair short. I need to work out the kinks a bit and figure out what works best, but I think it's something that I'll be doing a lot more in the future, especially when I get better at it. 

This outfit was fall-inspired. My favourite things to wear in autumn are florals and mustard, especially when the leaves are turning colour and the days are becoming gloomy. Nothing else makes me feel so sweet and sad as a good fall-inspired outfit and listening to my favourite dreamy music. Autumn is my absolute favourite time of the year, and I'm very glad that I have the opportunity to be in such a beautiful area while the season changes. 

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Scarf, sweater and purse: h&m
shoes: Forever21


  1. ;o I want to eat your face off! you're so adorable, and I love love love your clothes.

  2. Oh you are so sweet! Is it possible I've seen you downtown around queen and Spadina? you look very familiar :)

  3. You certainly may have! I'm in that area semi-frequently. :)

  4. I absolutely LOVE this!! I love that mustard color so hard. It seemed to pop up so much in the last mad men season I watched. heh. found you via LJ, fatshionista!

  5. I just saw your post on Fatshionista! and I had to come check out your blog. You're so cute! I love the bright colors and bold designs that you wear. You must be a joy for all to behold in cold Canada. I am eager to see more of your outfits! Thanks for starting a blog and sharing with us all. :)

  6. You are amazing...I bow to you! I need that outfit! I never been to Canada, Im stuck in California right now! Lol! You look great miss!